Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'll tell you a secret...

Come closer...

C'mon!!! You can get closer than that!!!


In my family, we've tied, and failed multiple times, to hide a secret from the world.

We're not normal.

More than once we've been told by people we know, and some we've never met how our family is strange. We've heard it all before.






completely and utterly entertaining.

Many have told us we should have our own reality show. Wouldn't that be interesting? A camera crew following us all around on our adventures. Watching them. We're not that amusing...or are we?

I'm sure I'll get some nasty notes from people, but I've got be hoenst of how I view the world.

For example, last night I was relaxing and watching TV with Molly Bee. With nothing to watch and flipping through the channel aimlessly. I came across a show about small children competing in pageants. As far as I am conerned, pageants for children that young are nothing more than child abuse. Who wants to take such a pure beautiful face...and oh yes, each and every single one of those children are adorably beautiful...with pounds of makeup, hair sprayed so much it wouldn't move in a Class 5 tornado. If they want to dress in elegant dresses, go ahead, but remember...THEY ARE CHILDREN!!!!! And when they cry, love them...don't force them to keep practicing. When they're sick...forget the stupid pageant and KEEP THEM IN BED!!! Don't tell them the "show must go on."

Utterly Ridiculous!!!!!

Anyway, in our efforts to entertain ourselves my youngest did a pageant walk, best imitating the lessons each young girl worked so hard at. From there...our lack of sanity just took over.

We began walking the runway as...



Women going into labor,

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade baloons,

babies learning to walk,

and the Easter Bunny.

It was fun and hysterical...especially to us.

So...what happened? My darling youngest told her friends all about it. They laughed and told her...we should have our own reality show. Oh yeah...I'm sure the world is ready for that!!! However, if we get some free time, maybe we'll recreate our walks and post them. We're like that you know.

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H.K. said...

I just talked about beauty pageants with my aunt today over lunch and we agreed that it's pretty disturbing to see little girls dressed as adults.

If you guys had a reality show, I'll be watching!