Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lights!!!! Camera!!! Roadshow!!!!

The many weeks of practice had passed and it was down to this day. I've become so desensitized from people never wanting kids to be a winner or loser I didn't realize prizes were on the line for their performances. We were entertained by each ward. The kids truly put their heart and soul into their performance. And it was time to shine.

Molly arrived ready for transformation. She is our drama diva in the family. She loves to sit in a chair and have someone do her makeup and hair. It doesn't necessarily matter what she looks like, it's a pampering aspect to her.

Our ward's time... "Back to the 80's!!!"

Oh yeah!!!

They wanted to experience a slice of life...dressing in the 80' truly was hysterical to see just how they interpreted the 80's.

They sang, they danced, and with a strobe light for added effect they even had a fight scene. In the end, everyone won a prize just for competing. When the announcement was made, though, our ward came out triumphant. Each rehearsal, every moment memorizing their lines, every dance rehearsal was worth it...they had fun in the end. That IS the point after all.

And for busy day had almost come to an end. I simply needed to pick my eternal sweetheart up from work. While I waited for him to finish the skies lit up in a bright lightning display... I think Heavenly Father was quite proud of all the kids in our stake who participated.

I know I'm proud of my three.


Momza said...

love love love roadshows!

H.K. said...

I loved the 80s look that your daughter had! It makes me wish that my son was able to participate at the last road show. Great memories!