Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Beginning...of the End.

Is it "The End" already?! How could the time have flown past my eyes?! She was just an itty bitty!!!

All right!!! I confess!!!! She was NEVER "itty bitty" to anyone but her abnormally tall parents. I'm simply milimeters from being 6 ft while hubby is well over 6 ft. "Amazon" children were most certainly guaranteed.

So, Why?!

Why am I going on like this?! In less than a year my oldest is going to be turning 16!!! We just received her education packet in the mail from the State Of Texas. Now I have to pick out the right course for her and begin her driver's training. In less than nine months she'll be driving, dating and become a Laurel.

Do you know what that means?!?!?!

No, I;m truly not hyperventilating, but truly our children are with us at home for a blink of the eye before they prepare to go out on their own. Only 3 years until leaving for college I already see her preparing to fly from the nest. She is excited to learn to drive, a skill she will need her entire life. She just finished reading the entire Book of Mormon and is 1 small project away from earning her Young Women's Medallion. She has also decided on her own to earn the Honor Bee in which she needs to read the Book of Mormon...again and provide 40 hours of service. She prepares to be sealed in the temple by holding her own limited use temple recommend. She prepares for life by working hard on her schoolwork. She prepares for her eternal salvation by being a good example and a terrific leader for the rest of the Mia Maids.

Where did the time go? She used to need me for everything. Now, she needs me to start letting go...bit by bit.

However, dear friends...this is not the Beginning of the End as I originally thought.

It is the beginning...of a new beginning.

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Freyja Colborn said...

wow I can't believe she is almost driving. That is crazy. That is fantastic about the personal progress and everything else.