Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Chameleon...

On a daily basis I speak to people from all around the world. I hear their beautiful accents and find myself playing a mental game of "Name where this person comes from." If you've never lived in the south you may never realize how completely different the accents are as you cross the state lines. Texas has their twang while Mississippi lilt is as smooth as it can be. I also hear a difference in the asian countries as well as scandanavian.

Perhaps it is the theater background I have, but I find myself begin to blend in with each guest. The chameleon in me begins to peep out. As I greet the guest with the Hawaiian Resorts and using the hawaiian words so often my mouth begins to form around and my mouth morphs into those beautiful hawaiian natives. I've had many hawaiians tell me that I speak with a hawaiian heart. It was an unforgettable compliment.

A few weeks back, I spoke to a businessman who asked which province I lived in. Confused, all I could mutter was: "Excuse me?" In essence, he thought I was Canadian and was curious what beautiful part of Canada I was from. We laughed as I told him I'm in Texas. He was floored. Apparently, my chameleon tongue snuck out.

My children have inherited the same trait. As a toddler, my son was a little englishman. He hated getting dirt on his hands outside and played a game of screaming "Mama! Dirt!!!" in his tiny little voice. I would brush it off and he would repeat the scene. Our game had begun.

My youngest has always had a peculiar way of speaking. A cross between Bostonian, English and Californian. There's nothing wrong with it, but she definitely hails from her own world. Yesterday, some truly rude classmates began making fun on her speech. They've teased her before. This is nothing new. Before they've tried to get her goat calling her "Mormon." I asked her if she wanted me to intercede. She simply said: "Mom, don't worry. I am a Mormon. No biggie." Yesterday, their focus was her speech. her friends had enough. They began calling her...well a word that rhymes with witch. While Molly chose the pathway of ignoring the boys, her friends were not willing to stand by and let it happen. They went straight to the principal and told him this had been going on for some time. Molly was called in and she answered the questions truthfully and the principal decided he needed to intercede in her behalf. At some point these boys could come back at her, but I doubt they will. Her friends are there watching her back.

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Cynthia said...

I'm so glad she has friends that are willing to stand up for her. I hope things will settle down now.

I think it's a great talent to be able to affect different accents. I can't do it at all!