Thursday, August 19, 2010


Did I tell you we moved? Oh yeah…we moved. One day of insane craziness and we made it in.
My friend/landlord bought the paint in the colors specified and I have to say…some have been rendered speechless. My poor Sister-In-Law walked in, who absolutely loves the soothing feel of lighter colors. Not a word crossed her lips for the first few moments. We laugh about it. It was hysterical.
I never thought I would paint my living room…RED!!!! Oh yeah!!!
Think red brick red….or as the Home Depot Paint Guru calls:

I love it!!! A good friend came over and saw the living room when it was done and loved it. The reaction was incredible. Seriously, it literally makes you smile walking in. With all the trim in an elegant white it blends beautifully. Gorgeous!!! I am in love. I can’t wait until Christmas. It will be magical!!!
So, my dear friends…enjoy my pics of the new house and always know….my door’s open.

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H.K. said...

If someone told me they were going to pain their living room red- I would have discouraged them. But looking at these pictures, it really works! I guess it all depends on the shade of red- congrats on the move and being settled in!