Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Your Highness

Yes, you may all address me as your highness. I've been officially crowned. Well, temporarily until the 21st anyway. Oh!!! You're trying to figure out what I'm talking're not alone...many people wonder on a daily basis.

I visited the dentist today. Now, I must warn you...I can't stand being at the dentist. jaw always aches for days following. Today was a big day for me. On the ToDo List:
1. Cause great pain while injecting novacaine into my system
2. Grind Hillbilly tooth down
3. add insult to injury as we perform a root canal
4. Shove foreign object into tooth to keep tooth strong
5. Crown patient/tooth.

Well, the wonderful woman that was my dentist crossed number one off my list with less pain than I was used to. However half my face was literally numb as I wondered just how long the proceudre was intended to last if she gave me THAT much novacaine. In fact, while we waited for the novacaine to spread to my toes I found I had no feeling in my right nostril. NO!!! Not one iota of feeling. As she began working I closed my eyes and silently mused whether or not someone could pick my nose and I'd never know a thing. Weird..I know.

She grinded that tooth down into my darling little nub. I love my nub.

To my pleasant surprise my tooth wasn't as bad as she thought and I needed no root canal or a post implanted in my tooth. It was just meand my nub. As they prepared to make the crown my dear little dentist remembered the materials she needed weren't being delivered until that afternoon. So, a temporary crown was fitted. And I will go back on the 21st to receive my full crowning glory.

After escaping the office and wandering outside I realized what a beautiful day it was. Not too hot, not too cold, overcast with a nice breeze blowing. I know, I love overcast days. Perfectly favorite!!! I walked home. As I approached the apartments I saw hubby heading to the car to come and pick me up.

For the rest of today I shall sip away at a tall drink while hubby takes care of the kids while I remain close friends with my bottle of extra strength Tylenol.

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