Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I survived....or did I?

it was the beginning of a marathon week for me. Running back and forth to the office and enjoy some really nice treatment. With Associate Appreciation Week coming we were expected to come in at least twice. I came in on monday...happily. It was nice to ahve co-workers around me to be able to speak to and have an adult conversation...no the guests I talk to each day don't count. It's nice to talk to adults you're not trying to sell anything. Anyhoo...I came in and received my fabulouso t-shirt to celebrate our office being named the comapny's best reservation office of the year. I was there for the last half a=of the year...enough to feel I helped earn that award. I enjoyed an incredible dinner of chicken alfredo with some french bread on the side....very tasty.

In the middle of our week we watched intently the Valero Texas Open not because we like golf, but because our resort was the host to the PGA golfers who invaded....and we sold out the rest of the nearly thousand rooms. It was the best advertising ever!!! Our lines have been lit up causing us to sell out nearly three weeknds in a row with visitors even from Mexico longing to play the course Greg Norman designed. And for those "non-golfers" in the crowd...to play 18 holes you need to be a guest at our resort AND pay $175 to play. To give you an idea...For one night with 2 people golfing and breakfast it is running at $678 per night. No...not kidding. I tried playing golf...and I don't understand the draw. However, in the words of Field of Dreams....'if you build it...they will come." and if you get that great of advertising...they come in droves.

I made my way slowly through the rest of the week. Molly made it through her induction into the National Junior Honor Society so that was interesting and fun to watch her go through it. I amde it through the rest of the week and celebrated our survival on Saturday hanging out with our friends. Hubbies hung out playing pool while us girls gabbed in the kitchen...they will soon be my neighbors. I also received my first look at my future home...let's just say there is a beautiful red brick structure which has inspired a new name to my blog that I will reveal after we move in...I can hardly wait to unpack my belongings...all of them. And say hello to my mother's hutch she had given me, my antique piano and the beast of an armoire I keep swearing I will never move again.

I began again working the weekends after enjoying being off on Sundays for a couple months. I missed being at church, but at the same time I am indeed grateful for the job which has kept our family afloat when we never thought we'd make it. Yes...the sun is coming out to great us more often. There is sunshine finally peeking into my soul as I've battled depression throughout this trial. It has been difficult.

The last little bit of my busy week finished yesterday when I made my way back to the doctor's office. He quickly set me up with the second painful shot. Unhappy with the results from the first injection this time he unloaded a larger dose into my foot nearly sending me through the roof. I ended up in tears by the time I made it home. Our next meeting in 4 weeks he said we will decide whether or not to even bother with the last shot....translation: we will be talking about the surgery. Fabulous....right as we are moving. As promised to my hubby...I'll wait until after the move for the surgery if needed. We shall see...then I'll have plenty of time to blog...in between eating bon bons and wathcing soap operas that is.

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