Monday, April 12, 2010

And So It Begins...

The past few days for me have been filled with complete and utter pain and nausea. Why? No, it's not the flu. I gave up my Dr. Pepper. I am in my first detox week from that evil drink. Perhaps I'm going a bit overboard calling it the drink of the devil to my children, but it's still too fresh.

In an effort to be a team player and to change my life I am competing AND joining in with my team to become more healthy and active over the next month. My office has introduced a new activity to be offered to improve our lifetime health habits...completely voluntary of course! It's called "Game On! Kick your friend's butts while losing your own!" Now do you see why I love my office?!

My dear resort team has girded our loins and are ready for battle. This game is very simple. They've given us the tools to create a new diet for us and encourage exercise as well. We are to pick one habit in which to kick to the curb for one month. I myself, chose to rid my life of drinking Dr. Pepper/sodas. I never knew the extent of the withdrawls my body would go through when the dark brown substance left my menu. The first day was impossible...headaches began immediately. Hitting migraine status was a new low for me. I could barely move and I became literally nauseated and sick on friday to the point of not being able to work. Can a little drink possibly have THAT effect on my body? Impossible!!! It was unbelievable!!!

Saturday the headache wore down to a dull nagging ache. I managed to get my kids to where they needed to, ironed the backdrop for the kids' roadshow at church and came home 2 hours later feeling completely and utterly exhausted. Again, I fell back into my chair no wanting to move.

Sunday came around...The headache remained, though dramatically lighter, being in nursery would most certainly have an effect on the well being of my head. I felt light headed and shaky. Apparently I was literally shaking. I made it through and by the time we made it back to out apartment I was out of breath...remember we live on the third floor? Needless to say I sat back in my chair and my kids did their best to bring me an ice cold drink...non-caffeinated of course.

Today, the headache is all but gone and I now wonder to myself....if the caffeine alone did THAT to me...What does the rest of the drink do to me?

I guess it's time to go back to the basics!!!


Silcox Stories said...

Way to go Tammy! I recently started really focusing on what I eat and basically cut out all sugar. On day 3 I thought I was going to die! I felt so sick, so tired, just miserable. But on Thursday I felt better and it's gotten better and better everyday. Hang in there my friend; it will be so worth it.

Cherie said...

Good job! I did this with Coke on January 1st and have not looked back. It is HARD - DANG HARD but you have been through the worst of it now - You Rock!!
It really is bad for your body - all soda. I decided to not only quit Coke but to quit soda completely and it has made all the difference.
Just a warning for the next couple of months the physical effects will be gone but you will think about it...ALOT. That will pass too - Hang in there!! You can do it!!

Ninny said...

You are awesome! That is a hard habit to break. I hope you have amazing success with it. And this is a contest I can't help but wonder if you will win since you seem to have a winning streak lately.