Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"You don't need to wear them all of the time..."

Yes, that is what my doctor told me as he announced that I, the eagle eyed person that I am, needed glasses. I sat through the various tests and retinal scans with the utmost confidence. "Everything will be fine," was the mantra I repeated over and over in my head. Oh!!! And the whole puff of air in the eye thing...How do you not react to that?! These people are nuts!!!

Anyway, I sat through the tests with hubby right next to me. In the end I was sitting in the chair, with the striking resemblance to executioner's chairs littered in the prisons throughout the states. I was told to cover my right eye and read the letters. I was confident I had read them right. Perhaps the term "overconfident" would fit more. When I covered the other eye: "Oh crap!" I was wrong...or was I? In all honesty I was so overconfident that I swore, in my head, thankfully keeping silent just this once, that she had changed the letters on me!!! No such luck. Hubby was giggling on the other side of the room when I finally figured out how wrong I was.

So, finally the doctor comes in to figure out just what prescription I need. He explains that I need to get glasses and that I didn't need them all of the time...only when I am on the computer, reading, watching television and driving. What?! Since when did that not encompass my entire day?! I slid from the chair feeling completely dejected, but knowing hubby would be there to help me pick out the right frames. he started out well with me. He was there with me to help me find just the right frames. The woman thought I was nuts. I was so out of the loop, finding out I even needed glasses, that I was leaning on hubby's opinion. He has fabulous taste, he always has so if I walked blindly and let him pick something out that would be fine with me!!! Somehow in the the middle of the choosing from a bazillion different frames he drifted off to the side choosing his own new frames. Honestly, he didn't need a new set, but his lenses were starting to get scratched up so a second set wouldn't be too bad. One for work and one for dress. Anyway, back to me. I looked at all of the frames. Convinced I wanted something a little more fun looking, nothing too serious, but not too blingy either. For those who know me, bling is sooo not me!!! There they were!!! I had spotted them, the perfect glasses encompassing everything I was looking for. If I had to wear glasses they would be on my terms....I found a pair of Fendi frames that were cute, comfortable fitting, and yes, they had a little bit of style. For those who know me well they can see it coming. I pick out my frames only to find the avalanche of guilt headed straight for me. It nearly killed me to know that I had picked out frames that cost $438!!! Ugh!! That is WAY too much money. Yes, I am frugal and that just about killed me. Hubby dutifully explained that I was worth it, but secretly smiling that for once he had not picked out the most expensive frames...his Armanis were only $226. How can I spend that much on frames!!!! It is so utterly ridiculous!!!! needless to say, I still like my frames I picked out and I will have them in two weeks. We shall see how they turn out from there!!!


Jan said...

Make sure you take pictues Tammy. I so want to see what they look like. Glad that you got that out of the way. No fun doing things like that.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I agree with Jan...We really want to see these glasses! (okay I say that because I am next in line for getting glasses- I just know it!) :)

Jen said...