Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Haunting!!!

Happy Halloween all!!! It is the night where the ghosts and goblins wanders through the streets searching for tasty treats!!!!!!! Unfortunately, in our neghborhood kids don't come, busy street, too many drug dealers, yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, so we are hunkering down. i enjoyed painting my daughter's hair pink this morning as they had put together their last minute Halloween costumes since Mom had seriously dropped the ball today. Bry guy just ignored it and biggie. I guess my little man is growing up. My little Bee dressed as a punk rocker...with help of the pink glittery hair she looks fabulous!!! My oldest...tiny Corinna...who is nearly as tall as me now and I am almost 6 ft tall. How do 13 year olds get THAT tall?! I know I know...Amazon runs in the family!!!! Anyway, Corinna through togethr a cute teen witch outfit...refusing to spray paint her hair because that is soooooo out right now. Whatever dork!!! We are just going to relax tonight and watch some cute Halloween Movies a la Disney Channel!!! Well, Don is protesting telling me he is watching a football game, but I will win. Trust me!!!
Anyway, with a last name like "Caldron" you pretty much have to celebrate Halloween.

My question for you is: Have you ever seen a ghost or had anything spooky happen to you?
Here is one of my spooky tales:

As most of you know I was taken over by sever drama geekdom as a teen. So, as we worked on each play we would build the set and eventually we would get to the point where we needed to go and find our costumes. In the old West Building that has recently been torn down and rebuilt there was a large theater that was stocked to the hilt like a warehouse of costumes, gowns and old smelly clothes. It was like being trapped in a never ending version of my grandmother's closet. Every time I had to go there I would feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. It was always a spooky place. One time my drama teacher was building a set in that theater before transporting it over to the new theater. He was on top of a twelve foot ladder and he had asked a student to hand him a hammer so he could attach a canvas to the backdrop. He held his hand and the hammer was placed in his hand. He turned to say thank you but everyone else was in the opposite end of the theater. Woooooo!!! Creepy.

I do have to admit I have seen spirits walking here and there. Banta Inn is truly haunted by a few spirits and I have seen at least one. I don't panic as I have never felt any fear towards them.

Oh and by the way, I saw a friend drive up and hid knowing she was getting out of the car. I jumped out to scream Happy Halloween...ooops it was another customer!!!!

Have a great Halloween all!!!!

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Jan said...

You are having to much fun today Tammy. I about jumped out of my chair for that poor woman you scared. Have fun tonight.