Friday, October 31, 2008

Ode to a Prankster...

My dear little friend
who brought such surprise.
Oh what a face,
You should've seen her wide eyes.

She jumped from the truck
with elegance and grace.
When she saw that shiny penny
Excitement grew across her face.

She jumped before
her brother and sister could see
on the ground that tiny coin
screaming "grab me!"

Her tiny fingers pushed
and pulled struggling to pick up
laughter filled the air
as we found it was stuck.

We laughed for the rest of the day as we reminded her of the penny that someone had super glued to the curb. Great prank!!!!!


Jan said...

That is a great one Tammy. Prankster on the prowl. I might steal that idea.

Christina said...

superglued? So funny.