Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Do your words ever get the best of you?! Or the worst for that matter?!

Saturday while at work we were discussing a few different topics. It is always fun when our friend Becky comes to help us out on Saturdays. Anyway, my tongue gets tied and I always say something incredibly funny even though I don't catch it right away.

For example: While answering the phone one day I said: "Caldron's General Store, can you help me?"

What!? It was pretty funny and now if I think about it my tongue wants to say it again!!!!

Saturday we were talking about doing our hair. Becky's daughter, Bree, was telling us it takes her 45 minutes to do her hair in the morning. Becky shimed in saying it only takes her about 10 minutes in the morning. I chimed in for mine and said:
"It ony takes me a 5 minute blow dryer job." just to let you know I accidetnly dropped a word, but as I know my kids are going to read this I will not post what I actually said. Becky and I froze for a second and then burst out into laughter knowing full well it was not what I meant. my face was bright red for the next 15 minutes.!!! Wow!!!!

have you ever said something you wish you could suck in before anyone heard it?


Jan said...

Holy moly Tammy. What a huge mistake for sure on the blow dryer comment. Too embarrassing. I have said so many out landish things that I regret instantly. Why does everything have to have a sexual nature attached to it? Seriously. You can noodle and take it wrong. I think we all have had the foot in mouth.

Can you help me?

Jen said...