Saturday, October 4, 2008

A watched pot never boils...

That is the old addage that is guiding my life. I am trying so hard not to think about moving, but I can't help but wanting to look at houses and such and thinking about the upcoming move. Am i planning exactly what I am going to get and do? No, although I am currently taking in the Pottery Barn catalog and I love the fact that my hubby really likes what is in thee!!! YAY me!!!!! It is also hard not to concentrate on the place selling when every customer feels the need to ask us how it is going. Frustrating to say the least. Today is our busy day and I am sitting alone in the store. Unfortunately, a rainy day is only good for one thing. It has to happen on a weekday while the men are working and find out their work boots have holes in them. For now, it means nobody is buying anything else. We have sold several boots today and for that I am thankful.

I am so ready for the weekend. i know what you are saying: Tammy is the weekend. For you maybe, but not for me, yet. We are on the Sunday Monday schedule of days off. We will be busy this week visiting our assigned homes to talk to people about proposition 8, amendment to the state constitution to declare marriage is to be man and woman only, and let our views be known. I am not the type of person who does this and so my anxieties will be at an all time high, but I am fairly good at talking to perfect strangers in the store so i am hoping that I will make it through. Tonight I am heading to the store to pick up the groceries for the weekend and then I will be back at home and ready to hole myself up for the next 24 hours. I am sooo looking forward to hearing from President Monson...I love him. Hubby is already home in bed and not feeling well. I only have two and half hours left and so I am looking forward to locking up in a bit and heading home. Until then I guess i had better get to work on the latest and greatest story. We shall see what happens.
For those of you keeping I am thankful for friends...isn't it obvious why?!
Oh and here is a little conversation that happened at the store yesterday. This is proof that I am not ALWAYS nice:
man- you know, I came in here about 4 months ago and left my card and nobody called me when my jeans came in.
me- I'm sorry sir. That is probably because we never received a shipment.
man- That's no excuse! You need to take care of your customers if you ever want my business again.
me- I'm sorry sir, However if the company doesn't send me the product then I can't call you and tell you it is in.
man- Well, why don't you go look and see if my pants are there.
me- Sure, what is the size and style.
man- I wanted the gray 38x30...grumble grumble
Me- you know, it looks like someone came and exchanged a pair because there is one right here.
man- grumble.
me- excuse me?
man- you are incompetent
me- what did you say?
man- Why are you selling the store?!
me- well, the economy has taken a dump on us and we aren't surviving. we've got kids to look out for so we are selling.
man- And just where am I supposed to buy my pants now?
me taking the pants out of his hands and putting them back on the shelf- to be perfectly honest sir, I could are less where you go and buy your pants now. It is none of your business why we are selling the store and if I am incompetent then why do you still come back?! Why don't you take your business somewhere else!!!
man- picking up the pants and following me to the counter- how much do I owe you?


I really am fine and if he wasn't an old man I probably would be sitting in jail right now because i would've have smacked him. All is well though...and yes, I did take his money.


Poetry of Life said...

I think it's funny he still bought the pants. Way to go! I'm so glad you stuck up for yourself!

TroyandJessica said...

Hey Tammy,
You know there is this awesome outlet just 35 to 40 mins away. And they have an pottery barn outlet and my favorite, Crate and Barrel. Just so you know, we will definately hit the outlets when you get here. Take Care and no more arguing with the customers.

Jan said...

You are such a strong spirit Tammy. Nothing gets past you I don't think :)