Friday, October 24, 2008

16 years in the making...

We made it!!!! Today Don & I get to celebrate our 16th anniversary. 16 years ago today I drove to our new apartment and picked Don up for our 30 minute ride to the temple. Before leaving the parking lot I remember mentioning to him: "Before we leave, you need to know....I don't divorce. Either you are going to give our marriage 100% or the wedding is called off." Some people think it is funny that we talked about that on our wedding day, but in the end it was the right things to do. We could have easily given up...many times....but we shouldered through the storms and made it...together.I was talking to a couple yesterday that just got married in August. I remember those days, you know the ones, when your marriage had that "new car smell." You know what I mean!!! Although please chuckle away. We are always together during our trials and we do not back down. We simply push on, side by side, for time and all eternity.

16 years ago we knelt at this altar and became husband and

wife for time and all eternity. Right before the ceremony my mind wandered wondering what the Lord had in store for us during our lifetime here. I will tell you one thing, just like all of your lives it has never been dull. There are challenges we face, happiness, sorrow, defeat and yes...triumph. Today is one of those triumphs. Tonight we celebrate with a cozy dinner and relaxation with the kids afterwards. I can't wait!!!


Hatch Family said...

happy marriage day! enjoy your dinner and each other!

Jen said...

Congrats you too!
P.S. Thanks for the email :)