Saturday, October 25, 2008

A dream...

Honestly, after comtemplating the last 16 years it feels like a dream. I honestly can't believe that we have been married for THAT long. Apparently no one else can. As I was opening up the store Don snuck he does every year...and bought me a dozen red roses accompanied by a cute little teddy bear and a card that brought tears to my eyes. I love that he does it. It is just our thing I guess. Anyway, we had a nice day at work. nothing major just a very nice day. We left work happy to be heading home as we were both tired from the long week. We changed into funny enough black jeans and shirts that matched quite well. Scary!!!! We made our way to El Castillos which, in my humble opinion, has the best Mexican Food in town. I couldn't wait to get my flautas. I helped devour 2 baskets of chips. Apparently I was hungry!!!! Afterwards we walked around the mall where Don found 2 pair of shoes for me and treated me...even though we were watching our money!!!! So we came home watched the any old married couple and drifted off to sleep!!!!


Redhoodoos said...

You are such a good writer.

CONGRATS on 16 years. How wonderful. And I love how you celebrated your day - just the way my hubby and I would.

Happy Anniversary.

binders said...

Congratulations on your years together. There's something amazing about being so content, happy and comfortable in your relationship that you don't need a 'big deal' kind of day to enjoy it. Just being together is enough. Here's to many more years for the two of you.