Friday, October 17, 2008

Mom of the Year Award!!!

We've all done it...Mom of the year!!!! We make a move or do something that makes us feel we are the WORST Mom on the face of the planet. A friend, having a birthday recently wanted to see who really deserved that title. honestly, to pick just one is a horribly amazing process. I narrowed it down to two. Here they are:

I sat outside with my kids. They were ages 3,2 & 1. I know I know...perhaps that is why I blocked out most of their childhood!!! Anyway, we were out in the back of our apartment and I was talking to a friend who was describing to me her 3 year old's need to wander all over the complex thinking he could play with the older kids. I told her how fabulous it was to have kids who did not wander like hers did. Feeling very superior in my mothering skills I looked over to see my son age 2 eating a large chocolate chip cookie...I hadn't baked any cookies lately so i was curious as to where he found the cookie. Apparently while I was patting myself on the back my little man walked to the next building over, walked into the back door of another apartment, climbed a stool to a cookie jar, grabbed a cookie, growled at the two boys playing video games, they were speechless by the way, and then came back home. Note: It was a friend's home and it was absolutely hysterical when they told me what had happened. Beware of patting yourself on the back too much about your mad mothering skills.

Second, my oldest was in third grade and she was assigned a project of creating a zoo. We sat for a couple of hours sculpting animals out of play-doh. We had the greatest animals. Our zoo had everything from penguins to alligators, bears, pandas, zebras, and yes even flamingos. It was a great zoo. We even created little benches for the people to sit on. I watched my daughter's face when we placed the sign in the still moist play-doh. She was so proud of her creation and what we did. Life was good...until two days later when she brought the project in...Did you know that when play-doh cracks!!! Her entire zoo was a disaster! She walked into her class with tears brimming in her eyes. Her teacher saw how hard she worked on her project and she did earn a decent grade, but in the end her heart was we use regular clay!!!!

Have you ever had a mother of the year moment? Please tell me I am not the only one!!!!


lynne said...

oh tammy - you DO get mom of the year!!! that play-dough story is so something that would happen to us. i always forget those last details :).

love yoU!!

TroyandJessica said...

No, I cant' say it has. HA! There is no such thing as a perfect mom.