Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today we start our radio advertising of the clearance that will spread the word to the rest of the area about our clearance. I think it will take a few days for it to come across but we will again have large flow of traffic, which is a good thing. Anything we can do to get this going and done with I will be happy.
I talked with our agent and he said that he is still getting calls, but the ones that he has gotten seem to be like tire kickers, not really interested in buying, just browsing. I love the fact that I have an agent with a great sense of humor. I always e-mail on tuesday and he e-mails right back. I could call, but with customers coming in it is difficult to carry on a conversation. Surprisingly, I am not frustrated with him or the process at all. I feel completely calm, that we are going to sell and it will be any time. Have you ever felt so calm about something?! I even went to the store and bought more boxes and have the kids starting to pack a lot of their rooms that they don't need right now. Bryan has a bazillion toys that we are saving for his cousins when we get down there. They are younger and will more than likely enjoy them quite a bit. So, we are boxing them up so that they can be put away and stop cluttering his room.

I know, you are asking yourself....why is she frustrated if not for the move? Well my frustration lies in the people that I am talking customers. Most are pleasant and saying...we will miss you, but good luck on your new endeavour or some sort of well wishes which I appreciate. The ones that frustrate me are those that actually seem mad at us for making the decision. One man said: "You can't leave, you are ingrained in the woodwork!!!! You need to stay." I know that these are their versions of wanting to let us know how much they appreciate us, but it is driving me mad!!!! Especially when you hear it over 10 times a day. Don is on autopilot now when they start asking questions and then just drifts off into the overly repeated explanation on why we are leaving. I simply say.. the economy got us. That usually works!!! I know I will make it through this and when we are packing up the truck I will feel so much better, but for now I am smiling and doing my best. Sometimes I feel I should earn an Oscar for my cheerful performances at work, but I will make it. I promise.

Oh, and if you want a good laugh here it is: As Hubby was helping Molly out in her room and packing a few items I looked into the small closet that houses our water heater. it has always been a haven for mice and we have caught several in traps in there. When I opened it up there was an odor. I looked down to find some sort of thin stick that was a creamy gold color. Now was the time I needed my glasses. I went and got my ginormous mag lite and knelt down trying to make out what it was because it just had a strange curve to it. Well, apparently that particular mouse at some decon and it had died in there some time ago because it was a skeleton of a mouse. No, I was not thrilled as I detest the little creatures, but I was amazed at the detail in their tiny skeletons. What an art form it was to create all the animals of the earth. It was truly amazing. After my appreciation for the tiny details I bagged it up and tossed it away. EWWWW!!!!


Jen said...

It must be hard to go through this with the constant reminder every second, every day! You get no break from it. I am glad you are calm.

Jan said...

It has got to be frustrating. I just am glad that you are handling it well.