Monday, October 20, 2008

I should have...

A wild and scintillating post, but I don't. I have been waiting for my latest brilliant idea to post here...nothing. My brain is as empty as my bank account. Sadly, I sit here wrapped up in a quilt, in the darkness of early morning. My throat is starting to feel scratchy which means only one thing...I am starting to catch the cold my youngest as happily bestowed upon me with kisses. You see, when my baby girl is sick she wants to be bundled up and snuggled. And so we bundle her up and snuggle her. And now this is the thanks I get for being that fabulous mom that I am. Can we say the phrase again without the mocking tone? Fabulous!!! Nope! Not today.

This morning I will drop off the kids at school and head out to breakfast with my hubby on our weekly date. We will then head to the incredibly fabulous (oh look! There's that word again!!!!) eye doctor's appointments. I have finally given in to have my eyes's been about a decade since my last appointment. I haven't wanted glasses so therefore if I do not go to the doctor then I won't have to wear glasses. In my mind it works so beautifully. Of course, it works the same with my hearing, which I am still putting off for reasons that are my own.I will dare to get that done,but I don't have the heart to do it now. Why am I headed to the eye doctor this time. Unfortunately, over the past six months I have had issues with my vision. Fine print is unreadable now. Squinting is never a good thing and the final thing that has convinced me... I put on a friend's glasses and I could actually read better. I hated that. So, off I go. Maybe I can find some nerdy glasses, embrace the nerd within so to say. I am not as fashion forward as many of the women here. Thank heavens hubby is joining me. He has great taste.

After our eye appointment we will drive over to Pro Bass Shop for hubby to drool and look around. He will mutter the words....."I want...." as we wind ourselves through an outdoorman's paradise. I will find a few things to make him smile and buy them for our upcoming anniversary. I love shopping for his presents while he is there. As for me, hubby shakes his head. I asked for a dictionary and thesaurus. He does understand...yes, the nerdy glasses are a suitable choice for me.

Other than that it is going to be a quiet week for us. Just a few things happening here and there so it should be alot of fun...I hope so anyway. We shall see what happens on that one.


Jan said...

Good luck with the glasses. It is harder than one thinks really. I am glad hubs is going with you because he is the one that will have to be looking at you in them. I just had to say that. Have fun and enjoy the day.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Sorry you are starting to feel sickie! I hope it's just a fluke and you really don't get sick!
I think it is great that you and your hubby have a date like you do. Maybe next week you can take him to a craft fair or something! :)
I need to go to the eye doctor too but am putting it off for the same reason you did! :)
Have a great week,