Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I admit. I have lost my love for Halloween this year. I think we all have. there is just so much happening that we just can't get into it. Next year we will once things are calmer. Our plans are just to hunker down and maybe pop some popcorn and make some popcorn balls with the kids. That would be fun!!! I think I can handle that one. I should be able to get some marshmallows before Friday. Sounds great to me. unfortunately we don't even have trick or treaters here. We live on a very busy street and the kids tend to go to other neighborhoods. In 6 years I have never had a trick or treater. Maybe that is part of the reason. Don misses how we used to do Halloween. It was a big thing in Oregon for us as we lived in the apartment complex. It was fun back then. Once we get moved I can concentrate and find a nice big cauldron to help me for next year. it would definitely be sad if with my last name...I didn't celebrate Halloween any longer. Luckily, my sister -in-law said there are tons of trick or treaters in her neighborhood. I can hardly wait!!! I want to have the coolest house on the block for all kids to come and have fun. I can dream can't I? No costume this year and I even packed my "normal" witches hat. You know, someday I may pen a fun little Haloween book. We shall see what happens. For now I have to stick to the adventure I am on.

I know some of you are not fans of Halloween...what are you doing this year?!

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Jen said...

Yep, I am not a Halloween fan. It is not anything about the subject that I am opposed to, it is just plain too many details. I get very overwhelmed. I am the passer outer of candy. That is one part I love, because I like talking to the kids. Hubby takes the kids trick or treating since I try hard not to impose my bahhumbug onto them. D is taking after me though, he does not like Halloween either. You are welcome to come to our neighborhood if you'd like!