Monday, October 13, 2008

Ready for the world!!!

Yes, I have recovered for the most part...after taking not one, not two, but yes three fabulous naps yesterday AND going to sleep on time last night. Hold your applause! I know I am sooo fabulous!!! Just kidding!!! It felt good to just sit in bed and not concentrate on anything. Of course my poor friend Christine called me when i was falling into one of my naps and so I wasn't concentrating too well when she was on the phone. I'll have to call her this week when my head is fully screwed on to catch up.

I am again caught up in my writing. I love it when I am able to just fall into a story and lose myself within it...for the time being anyway. I can't completely let go since I do actually have a family to deal with as well. For now it is small pieces here and there. When the kids are off into bed, when hubby is engrossed in his sports and my laptop is balancing eagerly on my lap. pop the Ipod in and let my fingers go!!! I really like the way that this one is looking so far. My kids are dying to find out what I am typing. Their curiosity is hysterical. At times I am typing away before they go to bed. They will come in and kiss me good night and eyes will wander over onto the screen only to find the only thing they see typed is: "Quit peeking, give me a kiss and get to bed!!!" A sense of humor is VERY necessary in our family.
Other than that is just business as usual. I need to finish waking up the kids for school and then hubby and I will run errands until it is time to pick the kids up. Fabulous!!!! Sounds like fun to me!!!! Enjoy your day!!!

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