Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday is a special is a day to air gripes!!!

OK! So I am in a ranting mood. For all those who know my fabulous sweet personality and believe I am one step away from being fully Christ-like then please wander onto another blog for awhile. I have issues and things that bug me beyond all belief and very little sleep so they are all coming out now! Let the cards fall where they may!!!

We went and took the youth to Boomer's last night. It was a night of go-kart racing. Yes, I did actually get kidnapped by a few of the girls to ride in one...Apparently go-karts are not made for tall people. Not a comfy trip, but I managed to hold my own. ANYWAY, the youth that came with us had earned their way there, by earning a total of 600 points during the summer with challenges that included : daily prayer, daily scripture reading, family history work, spending time with family, good attitude while with said family, service projects and such. it was a really great challenge for them to start out with. 11 made the challenge and went to boomer's with us adults. Now, I am exhausted from a long day of work and these other children, let's call them children shall we, were running around with no respect to others around them. We were mini golfing and a group of those same children literally ran through our green area as we were putting. WHAT!? Ok! that was nearly enough to send me over the edge. Another group of children swung hard and hit a golf ball full speed, 3 holes away, into my hubby's back. hubby then scared away children...they may have wet their pants. Others were escorted off the property by security guards for talking back and making fun of security guards. I was so proud of the way our youth acted and wondered...Why haven't they been taught better?!

For some who may not know we own a store...for the time being. It is up for sale and we are ready for a new adventure. So, while waiting for the sale to happen we have just started clearancing off the hats, boots, clothing, belts..etc. Basically, everything you can wear is 50% off. Great deal for these times I think and people have come in non-stop to take advantage of these great deals. What I don't understand as nearly three different people asked my hubby if he would give them anything extra off the hat. When people are downtrodden and trying to survive as a business...why are you asking for more? It is a certain culture of people to haggle and I understand that but don't be downright rude about it!!!!
And finally, I have a couple dear friends who do not have a mean bone in there body. One was verbally attacked over the phone by a son's girlfriend for her parenting skills while another received an attack over the Internet. Ok!!! So, where do people get the right to believe that they know everything? I am so sick and tired of the pompous prideful people attacking good people. it is absolutely insane!!! Sure, there have been times in my head I have questioned the parenting skills of some women and men, who hasn't?! But let's get real here!!! Whoever has the audacity to attack another's beliefs or parenting skills should be escorted off my planet. I am not perfect, nor do I need my imperfections thrown in my face. Believe me, I already know what I need to work on. Just because I have difference of opinion on any given subject and I am allowed freedom of speech in my country, it does not give me a right to outright verbally accost another person. In times of election I may not like a candidate, but does that give me a right to make hateful comments? No!!!! I can comment on their political beliefs and what has been spoken, but there is no room in this world for hateful comments. We are all humans, prone to mistakes, but are we really deserving of verbal abuse from another?!
Ok! I am done, you may now turn your head back and believe I wrote of chirping blue birds, summer picnics in the park, chattering chipmunks and a smiling sun and happy happy thoughts!!! Have a great day all!!!


Jen said...

I am glad you feel better (?). Hang in there, it is the sign o' the times! I LOOOOVED chatting with you yesterday! I hope it was not inappropriate to stop by your store. But you fill my bucket sista!

Jan said...

Totally got this one Tammy. I had hater comments recently. It dampened my spirits greatly. We can disagree, but not get verbally nasty and hostile towards other views.

I then started getting hate emails and then random phone calls. All in the name of politics. Scary. But I am going to stand firm in the midst of this.