Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mixed feelings...

I just received an e-mail from our agent telling us that there was a gentleman who would be stopping by to pick up a flyer about the house/store. He is interested in buying it and runs several different businesses in the area. This could be a good bet for us to sell and head out. So? Why the mixed feelings? He wants to turn it into another liquor store. How sad is that? it seems kind of funny to me that we worked so hard at getting the beer out of the store when we took over only to have a possible buyer who would literally fills the shelves with alcohol. THAT is where my feelings come from.

Truly, I know that if he is willing to buy it I have no control over what business goes there, but it is sad to me!!! Hubby has had the strong feeling since Monday night that the place would sell this week. He is normally right, but we are not so convinced that we are heading down to Texas to see homes. THAT will happen once a contract is signed. I think it will be perfect if it does sell to this gentleman because actually everything will be falling into place perfectly. We have been working on packing up some of the kids' things. We have a radio ad starting today to let people know of our 50% off of all boots and clothing. That will bring people in looking to buy/ bargain hunters. It looks like it has started...the falling into place thing...but I can only wait and see what happens.

Tonight, we pack!!! I am going to work a bit on the kitchen!!! Ugh!!! I hate to even think about it...Maybe I'll head to our bathroom instead. We shall see what happens.

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