Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, Monday...

A friend yesterday pointed out that it would have been a great prank to set off the motion detectors as a prank to take pictures of my abnormally ugly self when that alarm in the store went off the other night. One word of warning...although we didn't the other night...we normally carry shotguns into the store...just in case!!!! So, you probably want to think of another prank...we're waiting!!!
We packed up more items which felt good. It is all of my summer shoes and such along with a cradle full of stuffed animals. Hubby and I have our own Disney collections. His Donald Duck...mine? No surprise there, Goofy. I collected a Goofy from every country in Epcot wearing national costumes, Don did the same. he also has Donald through the years so it is kind of cute!!! Anyway, we packed a bit and then were forced to go and be good parents and pick up our kids from school. Afterwards, we headed off to parent teacher conferences. Ugh!!! my head is already aching....However we came home with good reports. Molly is just about to hit her stride and her teacher expressed what a gifted writer she is...moreso over her brother and even her scholarly sister. She was happy about that!!! Bryan made our jaw drop with how good he is doing. Normally, we are used to seeing 1's and 2's which are below grade level standard and approaching grade level standard. We are not sure just what happened, but he came out of it looking incredibly good. no 1's and 2's. He was all 3's and 4's. He has never achieved a GPA of 3.0 or higher. This time he broke that barrier. That little man broke the barrier!!!! Way to go Bry!!! Corinna of course exceeded standards and was just a hair shy of 4.0. Parent Teacher conferences are always interesting because you know you are going to get a good report. With hers yesterday it was pretty much nothing. No, I mean literally her teacher said nothing of her grades and instead wanted us to consider putting her in the Space and Engineering academy over at the high school. That is where Corinna planned on going anyway...if we are still here. So, that was it there. We then headed over to one of our favorite shoe stores that we found out is going out of business. We ended up buying several pairs of shoes for each child. I even found a cute little pair so I bought them as well. After that we came home and had family home evening and then proceeded to sit back and watch tv the rest of the night. A long day for certain but at least we accomplished a lot!!!


Jen said...

No worries, I am so NOT the prankster type. HEAR THAT EVERYONE! :)

Tammy said...

Those are the ones that I worry about the most!!!! The oens who tell me they aren't pranksters!!!