Friday, October 3, 2008

Today I am grateful for things that stink!!!

Garbage trucks. Oh sure! They roll up to the store making noise and waking me up as they empty the dumpster into the back of the truck, but the garbage disappears every week. The men who wake up early in the morning to pull out and take away all of our waste...for them I am incredibly grateful. I am also grateful for the laughter and jokes having to do with garbage trucks. I will never forget a night where we watched, straight faced, as a group of asian businessmen from across the ocean raised their hands above their head imitating the power of the garbage truck arms as they picked up dumpsters and lifted them to throw the trash in the back of the truck. It was a classic.
Skunks- Last night, as I was working on dinner Don ran to kitchen declaring a skunk was in our yard. I asked him where and he gave me the oddest look. "Well, I didn't see him...I just smelled him!!!" I was hoping to poke my camera out the back window and get a picture from a long ways away. Nope!!!! He disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. Why am I thankful for skunks? Because they are cute!!! They stink!!! But they are cute!!!
I will add on the one thing all you great Moms are thinking of....Dirty Diapers!!! Why am I thankful for them...because it means my children are here. The children I am responsible for have come to this earth and I am caring for them...also because once they are cleaned up they have the cutest little bottoms in the world!!!


Jen said...

I hope your kids are not still producing dirty diapers!!!!

Poetry of Life said...

Really, things that stink! Maybe because I"m still in that phase I'm not as grateful as you are.