Thursday, December 11, 2008

You are all right....they do grow up way too fast. I watch my youngest turning into a woman before my eyes. I promise not to start crying until my son starts growing chest hair and his voice changes. Until then I live in glorious bliss that they are all still tiny tots... I can dream can't I? It's funny though, I don't miss the baby years, the picking out outfits, the dress up days, the diapers, the crying...oh wait, they still do, I truly do not miss them whatsoever. I do however miss Halloween and Christmas mornings. It's just not the same any longer. That's all right. I can cope with that. I love this age and watch them carefully, though from a distance. I watch first loves, ignorance of others that have crushes on them, learning who they are and what they want in their life. Watching their schooling struggles and most importantly celebrating their triumphs. Celebrating womanhood that has arrived and childhood holding on by the fingernails. Everyday seems a celebration here...Large & Small.

As I woke this morning and jumped onto my computer I had no idea what was lurking around the corner. I read your posts, smiled laughed and had that "Sigh" moment before the masses were woken. The girls were first...they are always first. For some reason the commotion always wakes Bryan up on his own. After my duty of the waking I walked into the shower to jump into my steambath extraordinaire. I lvoe blistering hot showers in the morning. Fabulous way to wake up!!! Oh...what's that?! No water pressure!!! This so cannot be good!!! Time to wake the hubby!!! It's sort of like waking a grizzly that has been hibernating all winter and dangling a salmon in front and then not sharing, reactions are never good. Though this morning he did well rolling out of bed this morning. He jumped into his jackets and boots and I found the problem immediately when we opened the back door. Water flying up in the air and shooting everywhere. We actually ran to the backyard gritting our teeth as we had just wrapped the pipes for the winter. Hubby bravely jumped in and turned the water off while I called our neighbor who just happens to be a handyman. He was getting the items he would need to jump into the car and head on up. Luckily, hubby found the problem and was able to fix it before neighbor got there. Unfortunately, there was no time for me to jump in the shower...Luckily, I spent 30 glorious minutes last night soaking...there is a God!!! So, other than my hair being a disaster we were fine. As we looked over the backyard it was a soaked mess. I looked at hubby and said: "I know you missed going duck hunting this year, but I think you are going overboard trying to get ducks to land in the backyard." For some reason he didn't think it was funny. I jsut don't understand men sometimes. Wink Wink!!! He's out weatherproofing the pipes again to make sure I don't miss anymore of my fabulously hot water conventions in the morning.

Thanks Hubby!!!


Jen said...

Oh NO! what a terrible way to wake up. If it were my house, there would've been a lot of "bad" words going around.

TroyandJessica said...

Thank goodness for Caldron men. Right.WinkWink.