Thursday, December 4, 2008

I deeply dislike cell phones....

Oh sure, they are helpful when you need to call the Hubby to confirm some information, but truly I am not a big fan these days. Last night, it all started out innocently. I had to be one place with one daughter for young women's last night, my younger daughter had to be somewhere else , but close by my at the same time. My son had to be several miles away at he same time. I called and asked a friend I knew would be coming my direction for a ride home. with my oldest to make things a bit easier on the Hubs. What happened after that equals complete and total chaos.

My sweet friend offered to pick up not only my oldest and I but the youngest as well to drop her off at her destination in the menatime since her younger daughter was headed to the same activity. Perfect match. The Hubs is happy he doesn't have to be in two parts of town at the same time...Note, this is where I want to shove my cell phone into Kilauea and watch the sucker burn...While we are there we devised a system where Don could pick up friend's son at church where our son was at and then drop him off home so her hubby didn't have to be at two places at once. In turn he would pick up our daughter along with his and they would exchange kids. Again! no problem here. Well, the girls were picking up canned food for Brighter Christmas here and they didn't make it on time. I get a call that he is going to the church to pick up his son and mine instead. I call Hubs, but he is already gone and unfortunately his cell phone doesn't have any energy left so it is charging at home. he picks up our daughter and not our friend's. I call back to friend who is looking to pick up our son to let him know that the call was not completed and he would have to pick up his daughter. Hubs showed up right as he was leaving so we have our kids, they have theirs. In the meantime as a service we are delivering plates of cookies to people the girl's wanted to thank for their service. So, inevitably my oldest and I are in seperate cars, my friend has my oldest and another sweet woman i serve with drops me off at home in the middle of the chaos ebcause we don't really know when my oldest will be dropped off and I was quite sure she did not bring her keys. So, in the end we all made it home after a night of chaos. remember a bazillion phone calls were being launched all to and from my little phone. I REALLY dislike cell phones!!!!

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Cynthia said...

They are a pain. We just have Tracphones and don't use them too much. This post reminds me I need to go add some more minutes to my phone- as much of a pain as it is, it's a necessary pain.

Glad you got home and through the chaos okay!