Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Resloution.....

I have never been one to make a New Year's Resolution, but I will tell you that last year I kept mine. I wanted to finally be rid of my slightly major addiction to Coke/Pepsi. I am telling you there was nothing better on a hot day than a bottle of ice cold Mexican Coke on a hot summer day. Wow!! I still miss those days, but in the end I have to say that even though I have a cooler of Pepsi staring at me right now I have no desire to go and pop one open. Too syrupy for me now. I am telling you it feels good to know that I have almost made it an entire year. With 2009 fast approaching I am looking at a newer resolution to carry on for the new year. I can't promise my exercise regimen because honestly I am 100% sure it will not happen now. Stress is a major factor in my life at this point and so changing a lifestyle doesn't make sense at this point. I settled to one thing that will make a major difference in my life and yet, will take perhaps a few minutes a day.

My resolution this year will help with my stress and increase my happiness. I am going to read my scriptures for at least 5 minutes a day until the end of the next year. We'll see how it goes, but I am hoping it will work out as well as my last one. Happy new Year all! Celebrate your family! Celebrate the gospel! and most importantly...celebrate safely!!!

See you next year!!!


Redhoodoos said...

I can't believe you quit coke. That seems so hard for me. By far that is my hardest challenge. I'm not looking forward to the withdrawals. I'll do my best!!! Good job on that. You rock!

Sorry about the stress - maybe meditation will help???

Jan said...

Seriously proud of you Tammy. It is a hard one to beat for sure. I hope that you get your stress wish too. :)