Friday, December 19, 2008

A long way off...

I am happy to report that the writing is coming along great. I'm not so sure about last night's ideas that tumbled from my head onto the laptop, but we shall see...I can always hit the delete key if I end up wanting to change it. I have adopted a thought from the dear Sister Missionary who we met at the visitor's center wednesday night. i thanked her for her time and testimony and she in turn responded: "No Worries." Smiling the entire time. She happened to be from Sydney, Australia originally...or nearby. The response has crept into my being. "No worries"...Hmmm. Sounds like a great concept and then I remembered I have the Lord in my life. I should have no worries. I live my life to the fullest and find happiness in following His commandments. I find when I am serving others I feel my happiest. I find when I pray for His help to organize my thoughts and words in my writing...He is there. When I think I cannot go on one second longer, his arm is around me supporting me and carrying me through the storm. I will do my best and let the chips fall where they may. Today, I shall have "No Worries"

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