Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm alive, I'm alive!!!

Thank you all for the well wishes. I am still alive and kicking although the phlegm factory is producing at an abnormal rate. Did anyone tell these people there is a recession and they need to lay off some of their workers?!?! I always get nervous now when I get colds because I tend to go downhill faster than a Jamaican bobsledder. Since I had that double bout of pneumonia one year my health pretty much sucks every time I get a cold. I am recooping well this time again thanks to my sleeping at an angle. It will go away, but apparently not today. Oh well! C'est La Vie!!!

In my effort to ignore the fact that I am sick we headed out with the fam for an experience they will never forget. We took them to the Winchester Mystery House over in good ol' San Jose. Though the entire family, including hubby, begged to stop at the Super Mall I kept everyone on target. Bryan was dragging his feet the entire time...up until the tours. He literally hated the idea of going to see a house a crazy woman built and houses a great many ghosts. The poor guy is not even fond of the haunted mansion ride at Disneyland. So, trudging along as the tour started he really kind of got into it. There are...and I am not kidding you

160 rooms in this house. On the first tour we were able to see 110 of those rooms.

We saw the grand ballroom...although she never had any guests.

We saw her main bedroom exquisitely decorated though none of it was original.

And our personal favorite was the staircase that was remarkably preserved...leading to the ceiling. Oh yes, I did mean to type what I did. There are doors that if you open them and walk out you will fall out into the courtyard. Another door drops 8 ft into the kitchen sink. Many well known psychics have gone there and said they have heard things. people have seen ghosts is many places in the house including the basement, oh and yes, we did do the special tour hitting the basement as well. Sorry, no ghosties joined us, but it was fairly creepy to have to wear hard hats on a tour...low pipes. All in all the kids had a fabulous time. They thought the house was kind of cool. It wasn't completely furnished. Only certain rooms here and there, but it gave you a good idea of who this woman was and why she did what she did. Still a bit creepy though...especially the seance room. EW!!!!

So, today I work and try to recover from the yucky stuff that has decided to attempt a hostile takeover in my body. Tonight it is a quick refueling and trip to the grocery store before our friends arrive from Oregon for a couple days!!! Have a great day and Happy New Year to you all!!!


Jan said...

Glad you are feeling better Tammy. I would have loved to see that place. Amazing. Even the staircase. Was she as crazy as me? I think we would have been soul mates.

Freyja Colborn said...

Hey Tammy sounds like you guys had fun. I have tried to convince my family to there. Maybe someday. Hope you fel 100% soon.