Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A day long gone...

Yesterday was monumental in another rite of passage come and gone. My youngest and I stalked through the store in serch of the proper undergarments a young girl needs at a certain point in her life. We've all been through it. Let me set the scene for you...see if it sounds familiar.

First, we seperated from the rest of the family. It's not like you can pick out THAT with your father and brother present!!! Whatever!!! We made our way in the store. The hood goes up over my daughter's gorgeous curls. She tells me she doesn't want to be seen by any friends. She is beautifully modest. She hides in the corner of the store while I pick out a few different sizes to try on. We go into the dressing room where I face the wall as she tries them on. Now we have a size! Game on!

She again hides in the corner after sharing with me the fact that she wants to have lots of bright and fun colors. No problem! Anything, but the candy cane stripes...don't blame you there!!!! I've got them all and race back to the corner of the store where she is hiding to gain approval. They all passed, not necessarily because she liked them, but more to just get us out of the store quicker I think. it was the same for us wasn't it?

We approach the small sales stand standing secluded in the corner. Drat! No sales clerks here! We must head to the big sales desk by the entryway to the wall. The hood gets pulled lower. The sales clerk greets us and gets underway as sweet and yet as slow as molasses. The hood is getting stretched out at this point as she carefully removes the hangers and security tags and then spreads our items all over the desk for the world to see.

Although I couldn't see it, her bright red cheeks sent off heat that could've melted marshmellows. Finally the woman has it all rung up and I pay her quickly to end my sweet daughter's embarrassment. She finally finishes and places them all in a bag, but not before the mall Barney Fife comes by and stares at the loot scattered on the counter. Oh my poor girl!!!

Well, it could be worse...her mother could blog about it!!!

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