Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Reason...

A few of the Laurels, Priests, leaders, Bishop and I made a trek over to Oakland last night. It was a night of peace and relaxation. I listened tot he conversation the girls were completely involved in and remembered the topsy turvy world of being a teen and silently whispered a prayer of thanks in my heart that I no longer have to go through that time in my life. Now I watch it by proxy through my kids. As we drove into the temple for some reason the bright twinkling lights of Christmas seemed out of place in my heart. I couldn't tell you why. I love Christmas lights. We are heading out this evening for a night dedicated to the twinklies. I couldn't put my finger on just why they were affecting me so. We walked into the visitor's center to see the art exhibit available. I had seen the 13 pieces before and they are incredible. Truly a sight to behold.

To look, or rather study, these sculptures takes you to a complete and other world. I saw the Savior of the world walk on water, with a face so determined.
I stood watching as he raised Lazarus from the dead, with a look of love.
I watched Him standing with His father in a grove of trees restoring the gospel to this earth. And this all began in a manger thousands of years ago.
After the exhibit we stood in the parking lot drinking scorching hot chocolate and enjoying doughnuts. My eyes took in the twinkling lights feeling. My eyes moved to the glowing spires of the temple. My heart was full. I had found Christmas.

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Jan said...

My heart was filled as well seeing these beautiful scupltures. Thanks so much for sharing Tammy. So glad you had that experience with the kids too. Love these so very much.