Friday, December 26, 2008

White Christmas...

So I grew up spoiled! It's not my fault. We lived in South Lake Tahoe which meant we always had a white Christmas and I LOVED it. OK! So I admit it was just horrible to HAVE to go skiing every Christmas...Mom worked at a small family run ski area and so she had to work that day. no big deal. we loved to ski and I used to race. it was a blast and my childhood was something found in fairy tales...well until I moved to this agricommunity and almost got run over by a tractor on my first day of high school. believe me, I clicked my heels saying over and over "there's no place like home" but alas I was stuck here where I still live today. So, the fact that my kids were dying for a white Christmas was great. I've wanted one for years...there's nothing like it. This was the scene at my in-law's house. it was great. Every once in awhile I would see my Molly pressing her nose to the window just to watch it snow. It was cuter than cute. So, although I didn't need to shovel my car out we did have a great Christmas!!! The funny part though, is a friend of mine was spending Christmas with her family jsut about 25 miles away and her boys were praying for a white Christmas. I'll have to thank them on Sunday...their prayers really came through...of course where they were at no snow fell. Sorry boys! Maybe next year!!!


Lorie said...

I am glad you got your White Christmas!

Cynthia said...

Yeah! Glad you got your white Christmas!

We met some Aussies while we lived in Oregon and when we moved back to the Intermountain West they came to spend a Christmas with us just so they could experience a white Christmas. She was so cute running around and making snowballs.

I'm sure your little people were doing the same thing today. Woo Hoo!