Thursday, December 11, 2008

D-Day--8 days and counting!!!

No, not 8 days left until Christmas...really! Where did you get your math skills!? Just kidding! Actually, it is 8 days until my kids track off (year round talk for letting the monkeys out of the cage). I love this time but dread it all at once. First off, it is old in the morning and I no longer have to climb out of bed at 6am!!!! However, I still have to climb out of bed. Bummer!!! We don't have to worry about homework...just boredom. Our date on Monday morning for breakfast gets trampled on for over a month. I don't mind. It's fun to go out with our batch of monsters.

Well, it happens. Whether it be 6 weeks at one time of year or 3 months of summer inevitably it will happen. Kids do it to you. I think the thing I cringe at the most when the kids are on grocery bill spikes up like your energy bill during a heat wave...not mine of course with the lack of air conditioning, but you get the point anyway. Pray for me all! I may not come back. This is dangerous ground we are approaching!!!

What a fun break it will be!!!!


Jan said...

Hang in there Tammy. They grow up.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Mine are pretty much all grown up now-I only have one left in school and he stays really busy with friends and work...But I do remember the good ol' days when all I heard on Christmas break was..."I'm SOOOO bored Mom!" ugh!
Have fun!