Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Welcome home friends...new and old!!!

It seems that I was destined for a "me" day yesterday. I woke up and got dressed. Let the kids deal with themselves. After all...they are old enough to dress themselves. Right?! I got in my nice warm shower anjoying the steambath that accompanied it. I dropped the kids off, paid the PGE bill and ran home to pick up hubby who had barely made it into the shower. He allowed me to drive, still feeling weak from the flu he had the day before. We went out to our normal breakfast date and fuled the hubby so he could regain some strength. Then we ran off to the mall in Pleasanton to pickup the new calendar pages for my planner. We came back and ran to the grocery store to buy what I needed for dinner the next few days. Dropped that off and spent a few minutes relaxing ebfore it was time to pick up the kids from school. Afterwards we went straight to get our hair cut. My haridresser and hubby convinced me I could seriously go as short as I wanted to. In the end, I gave into my hairdresser as she has never steered me too wrong. We came home,to find a surprise on the doorstep. Our mailman had delivered my long awaited copy. I am a collector of many different things but Harry Potter books tops the list. Today my special copy of "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" arrived. Yay me!!! And if you ever get a collectible having to do with Harry Potter I guarantee you will never be disappointed. Here' s peak:

THis is the elaborately crafted box it came in. The real book was in a velvet lined pouch embroidered with JK Rowling's signature. The book was incredible in itself.

I was so happy to support her chosen charity. What a collector's piece. If only she herself signed it...I can dream can't I?!

I made dinner and then rearranged my living room for the new addition to our family. Our neighbor came over and helped us to bring the addition home. I tried to describe the piano earlier but words just don't seem to do the job.

It was crafted somewhere between 1900-1910 in London. Once we move I will have it tuned, which it so desperately needs. It has all of its original components, inculding real ivory keys. I love the wood inlay. Aside from the candleabra pieces missing. Iwill now hunt them down across the globe and hope I can find them. Don smiled after I finished polishing it. He said: "Merry Christmas! You'll have to wait for the other half of the present which is getting it tuned and ready for you to learn, but Merry Christmas anyway!" I also brough home a small antique sheet music cabinet. LOVE IT!!!!

That is where my day ended...the day devoted to Just Me.


Jan said...

Everything is fantastic. Love the book and that piano is a prize. So blessed Tammy. Have fun playing.

Jen said...

What a nice day you had!