Monday, December 8, 2008

What a Weekend!!!

Saturday kept us all busy flitting from one customer to the next. We are incredibly grateful for the customers that keep coming in though we know that our sales items are getting thin. We pray often about people coming in that wear those odd sizes left and I admit gleefully I am never disappointed. As with the cold that has been creeping around the valley lately the store can get fairly chilly. There is a balance in there that is fairly difficult to make it to. You see, there is a heater in the back of the store that works lovely. My office is always toasty which makes me happy and the bathroom out of necessity. Up front we used to have a small pot belly stove taken from a caboose which we would fill with smaller pieces of a duraflame log to heat the front of the store. The nervousness happens when a small child enters the building and we must have one of us serve as protector so that little fingers don't touch hot metal. This year we have taken the stove completely out. The tricky part is that heating in the back does make its way to the front, however at a certain part of the day the sun hits the west side of the building and brings us up another 10-20 degrees. So, you can see if we don't keep the heat down at some point we are living in a broiler at the next moment.
So on saturday we kept a decent amount of heat in the building and I was clad in my favorite snow parka. Normally I am fairly toasty but Saturday it was just plain cold. I got home from work into the toasty warm house and was tempted to throw my jacket off, but I was still cold. I managed creating an incredibly boring dinner...that tasted good to me... and then snuggled under some nice warm throw blankets in bed while watching tv with hubby....still cold.
Uh oh! Now it's really dawning on me this is not a good thing. Hubby realized it too and I saw it in his eyes. Before I would even allow him to touch my forehead and cheeks I complained that I was not sick. I couldn't possibly have a fever because I am too busy to have one. his tired hands felt my forehead and cheeks and without a word spoken he walked over to my side of the bed and stripped the throw blankets off. He literally stole my warm woolen socks and then covered me with a down comforter and various other blankets with my beloved throw blankets on top. Nope still cold, but cozier...thanks Hubby, although don't touch my socks again!!!
It wasn't until the next day, after falling asleep at 7:45pm, that I realized without saying a word he was utterly and completely right. I was still exhausted and my head ached so i ditched church...and for good reason.
Now, here we are on Monday and I am feeling fairly good. On today's agenda is to find me a pair of slipper clogs that are cute enough to throw on last second if I need to run to the store, but comfy enough to wear all day if I choose. We shall see. Let the hunt begin!!!!


Jan said...

Glad you are feeling perky today. That is always nice. And I am glad you are warm.

Jen said...

You know how you felt like the Grinch last week? Well...whenever I feel like that I am usually fighting off something (or PMSing). Glad you are feeling a little better.