Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bah Humbug...uh...well. Merry Christmas?!

OK!! So my friends can call of the attack. We broke down last night and instead of hauling out our tall 7 ft tree out of the garage we bought a small tree that stands a mere 4 feet tall. It had the lights on it already. We bought the kids jingle bells in various colors to decorate it with along

with a variety of small ornaments. You should have seen the girl's face when she looked at the three different colors of jingle bells and said: "On a tree? Huh? Well, I guess you could if you wanted to." Watch out!!! The Tree Police are out in full force!!! I about fell over. We kept it very simple and didn't get garland of any sort. We thought about bows but they were too cheesy. The funny part is the entire time leading up to our departure to pick up our secret Christmas surprise we tried to talk all three of the kids into coming along with us. The blatantly refused thinking we were ONLY going to the grocery store. FOOLS!!! Mwa hahahaha!!!! Oooops!! Sorry!! Anyway, It was rather humorous as my oldest said that it just didn't feel like Christmas to her because we hadn't decorated to the hilt. Normally our house looked like a decorating machine literally blew up in our house. Alas! Not this year, but they love the simple!!! We are already hatching a plan for next year to keep our Christmas more Christ centered. I'll let you know more about it when we get to that point, but it will require a little work all year long to pull it off. We shall see what happens. I found the idea from an artist over in Cornwall area of the UK. I hope he doesn't mind if I copy him a bit, but it was such a great idea!!! My kids are very excited as it takes my preparation and covert missions on their part. It will be fun!!!

Well, the Christmas spirit has finally hit us. I am heading up with the youth to look at the Christmas lights this evening and then tomorrow we will drive around looking at all of the light displays!!! I think my heart grew two sizes today!!!

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Cynthia said...

Nothing wrong with keeping it simple. I bought that same little tree this year for the kids. I love it.

Merry Christmas to you!