Friday, December 26, 2008

Thank You Santa!!!

We had a fun filled Christmas for which I am eternally thankful. My son gave me a beautiful pair of gloves I am looking forward to wearing when I drive. My eldest daughter gave me a fabulous funky notebook to jot down all of my ideas that come to mind on the current story. My youngest gave me a variety of Burt's Beeswax products to keep my lips nourished and happy. Hubby gave me the gift of words and bought me a beautiful Thesaurus and Dictionary set for use for my writing. I am so excited. He laughed at my giddiness, the way I poured through the thesaurus finding words I was dying to use in my stories. Of course, I include the piano and antique sheet music cabinet that he brought to the home in my list of things which he has given me along with the encouragement with my writing. My parents gave us a porcelain coated cast iron pot and announced: "This year we have given you a pot to pee in, next year, we promise to give you the window to throw it out." If that offends you then I will tell you I am not sorry. My family is all about humor.

I watched as the kids opened their gifts. They were excited enough about their new pajamas which made me smile. Corinna was thrilled to receive new sketch books and "real" drawing pens for her anime she has been working on. Of course her 2 favorite objects were the "Edward" t-shirt I gave her and the "Edward" poster. Molly squealed when she got her "Edward" poster and t-shirt as well. Bryan is always happy when anything is related to a video game or DVD. so he is thrilled that has a few movies to watch over the next few days. Hubby was excited about his new hunting gear and shirts his kids found for him. I was thrilled when my sister-in-law gave me another chick flick to watch.

The best part about Christmas is we were able to celebrate a white Christmas for the first time with our kids. We watched as the snow drifted down from the heaven's to create a wonderland for the kids. I grew up in the snow so it brought back a ton of memories. Unfortunately with the good comes the bad so I will be recovering from a chest cold that has invaded my system. I will survive, I just hope it doesn't stick around too long.

Well, friends, may you have had a beautiful Christmas and get to sleep in and recover....Remember: only 364 days until Christmas!!! get your shopping done early!!!

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