Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Seriously, where's the justice?!

OK!!! So, I slept for a mere 4 hours the previous night and I handled the entire day fairly well. I didn't even drift off during our Young Women's leadership meeting. Life was definitely good. I put a little song pumping through my Ipod and walked towards where hubby was sitting in the truck waiting for the kids to get out of school. It felt soooo good to take a walk by myself. I think I will keep it a new tradition once we move and I have an actually neighborhood to live in aside from the old highway being outside my front door. Anyhooo! We went home and while the kids were getting their homework done I managed to get some work done on the computer, you know surfing and trying to find something else interesting going on in someone else's life because my is just so utterly and completely boring here, and hubby sat on the couch. One by one, the kids peeled off running to their game systems after finishing their homework. The hubs slipped farther and farther down into the sofa until he was stretched out snoring up a storm. It's a good thing he was adorable, other wise I would've probably beat the tar out of him for doing that in front of me. I, of course, got no naptime. I knew if I went down I would not be getting back up at that point. So, as the kids kissed us goodnight and bounced off to bed. I hut the old laptop down and drifted off myself at 9pm.

The moral of the story: While I was turning over I opened my eyes to see that at nearly 4am the hubs was still awake because he napped to long while I was able to snore to my heart's content until i woke up refreshed at 5:45am! Yay me!!!


Jan said...

I know this one.

Silcox Stories said...

How is that Dad always manages a nap and Mom NEVER does! The problem is I can probably count on one hand the number of times Jeremy has ever had a hard time sleeping, even if he has taken a nap!

Cynthia said...

That's so true. The kids have NO respect the few times I actually get in a nap. As soon as I'm asleep, someone NEEDS something.

There is no justice! I'm so with you on that!

Motherboard said...

We should have had a party... this was me last night!