Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Hunt Is On!

I woke up yesterday morning, quite unwillingly to be honest, and then shuttled the kids off to school. I'm not quite sure what they were wearing. Could've been pajamas...all I know is skin was covered I was good. I came home and hubby was sound asleep still. Sawing logs like a lumberjack. I let him rest and dove into my computer with reckless abandon...Ok! i was paying a few bills, get off my back already would you?!

Anyway, he finally woke up and stared at me as if I was covered head to toe with dog poop. Not a great visual or smell, but you get the point. He mentioned he was worried because he never heard me come in the door and needed to make sure I had made it home safely. Then he turned and jumped into the shower. FINALLY after 30 minutes...and they say us girls are bad...we jumped into the truck and headed off to breakfast. Every Monday is date morning. We go out to eat for breakfast and then head off to our day.

Hubby has declared today we will find a pair of slippers for me. I have a pair of slippers...and I hate them. They feel like they are paper thin and are ready to fall apart at any moment. He has a really neat pair of ugg slippers that look so attractive he actually wears them to parties. Nobody knows the difference. we were planning on heading one direction when hubby mentions he would love to head over to Bass Pro Shop...again. I go, lured by the fact there is a pair of shoes I want to look at...again. What's holding me back? The price. I am naturally a frugal person and hate to spend money on something like shoes for me. Oh sure, ask me to plunk it down for anyone else and we are fine and it's out of my hands, but to spend $100 on a pair of shoes for me. Pshaw!!!! It's not normally going to happen!!! I can tell you that right now...or is it?!

Yes, as soon as I entered the store I heard their siren song calling to me. I walked up the stairs by the waterfall. If you've not been to this store...yes there is a waterfall, live fish, incredible!!! I passed the men's section knowing exactly where they sat. I had seen them just days earlier. they welcomed me back begging for me to simply try them on. That's all! Nothing else! My dear friends, I must report I succumbed tot heir will and tried them on. The soft leather, the simplicity, the pure comfort. Oh why do they haunt me so?!

Hubby takes one look..."get them," he smiles.
"Get them!" He urges.
"They are $100!!!" I practically screamed through my clinched teeth.
"I like them. Get them."

Yes, the moral to the story. I bought the silly things and we now have a match made in heaven: my feet, their soft leather.

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