Monday, December 22, 2008

All better...

I just needed a few minutes of IPOD time with nobody whining or complaining. You see, my kids felt slighted about Christmas. No, not of the meager offerings under the tree, the small tree or even the lack of decorating. Nope! Not my brood! They complained that they didn't get a chance to go Christmas shopping for each other and us. I tried to explain to them that we really didn't need anymore, but somehow they talked us into it. Maybe it was the puppy dog eyes or the pouty lips, I couldn't tell, but they dragged us around today telling us where they wanted to go. Luckily, we did manage to keep to only two stores. I had to step into a store less than a week before of my biggest pet peeves in the world. Next to that, was the fact I had to go grocery shopping with everyone else in my hometown.

Beyond that I had a heated argument with hubby who insisted we had a ham in the freezer from our pig...yes we buy an entire pig and get it butchered. In the freezer it lasts us nearly 1 1/2 years....As we came home with a ham in my hands (I won the battle) hubby made a beeline to the freezer where I declared victory and won the war. Needless to say now that everyone has their items wrapped and under the tree we are all happy, except hubby...he doesn't like what I picked out for myself. It is my dictionary and thesaurus I have needed for a long time. He has declared he needs to shop tomorrow night...somebody pass the aspirin.

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Cynthia said...

I fear I must go out one more time myself, sigh.

I loved that you included the fact that you had a disagreement over ham! It makes you a 'real' person and kudos to you for ownin' it! Of course, it's always easier to own it when we emerge victorious but stil! LOL!