Sunday, November 2, 2008

Whose on the Lord's Side who?

We went out to hold signs for the vote of Prop 8 coming up. As you can see we started out with a small group from church on the street corner. it wasn't too bad. There were some thumbs up and honking and there were people who told us we were #1. At least that is what I want to go with. We also heard soem really crude remarks and threats. Sad but true. I stood on the corner waving at those who were for passing the proposition and smiling and waving at those who gave us the thumbs down. Let's be realistic, not everyone will agree and honestly I have no problem with that, but we should be able to voice our opinion. We had a group of "No People" show up on the opposite corner. A few of them came to our corner thinking we were going to argue, but really we just looked at them and shook our heads. They were screaming about how we should have freedom from religions...Funny, isn't that what we wanted in Missouri when the US marched against our church because we weren't like everyone else...just a thought!!! Anyway, we had plenty of honking and people happy, other showed us their displeasure.

We were blessed to even have a pastor from another church join us and call some of his parishioners to join. It was wonderful to join hands with other people to stand up for what we beleive in, but honestly i am so happy that the voting will be done and over with on Tuesday. In fact Prop 8 I think has eclipsed the presidential race here in California. We shall see what happens. Until then, please don't forget to vote in whatever state you live in. Vote with your heart.


Jan said...

A remarkable sight to see. I am totally supporting of all of you. Just love ya.

Jen said...

Yay! I was sad to be on the other street corner, but felt I was needed over there. (Not the No on 8side for any of you wondering). It feels so good to stand up for what you believe in. WE truly looked like an Army of God!

rachel said...

I found your blog on mormon mommy blogs. I am so appreciative of all you guys literally being out on the front lines on this issue. I have friends out there in CA that have had water bottles and bleach thrown at them as they held up their signs. Just awful... Thanks for standing up for a just cause :)