Friday, November 7, 2008

Let's change the tide!!!

no, i am not talking about laundry detergent...although that is not a bad idea. However, I don't do the laundry right now. Iwill not be in charge of it until hubby lands a job down in Texas. Soooo.....I am enjoying my freedom for the time being. besides, we haven't even sold the silly thing yet, but it will happen soon. I can only hold onto that. let me share a little fabulously embarrassing story that happened at the store. I am still so tired of the political garbage that will not die here in California. many of the stars in hollywood are throwing in their boo hoos about Prop their vote should count more than mine or that they are far more intelligent than I am. We won't even go there. i don't want to get started!!!

Anyhoo!!! A friend of ours pulled up to the store. She was out in her truck and getting ready to come in to visit for a few minutes and I swear I saw her exiting the truck. I hid behind the shelves ready to pounce... the pumas have nothing on me!!! I heard the door open and waited for just the right time.... Charge!!!! my head cried out and jumped up screaming "Boo!" at the top of my lungs!!! i waited for the scream...

Much to my dismay it was not my friend, who had not left her car yet due to a phone call, but a complete stranger looking for dog food....Awkward.

It was a busy saturday and a gentleman walked into the back room looking for a pair of wranglers...girls go nuts for wrangler butts, don't you know.... i walked up and since i have the worst memory on the face of the earth...they are considering me for early Alzheimer's treatments...JK!!!!!....So I walked up in my usual manner and said : Can i help you find anything, hon?" I am telling you it usually works!!! Hon or sweetheart works for every man and yes even the health inspector which I will share with you next... the man looked back at me and said: "Wow! You haven't called me that for years." HUH!? Holy Cheese Nips batman!!!! It was an ex-boyfriend from high school!!!!! luckily, this was the one that Idated because I loved his car and not the one who truly believed he was David Lee Roth...oh yeah! I had ultra high standards. needless to say I had to act interested as he told me of the things he had been up to. In complete honesty, while he was talking I was drifting off to remember his car...1969 Ford Mustang! Wow!!!

Last week our health inspector showed up. he has always been a good guy and yes, I have literally charmed him better than anyone I have ever known...ok...there are a few customers who sickingly enough, who seem to think I ould be interested in them if Don ever dumped me. EWWWWW!!! Anyway, the inspector is nearly 20 years older than me with yellow dentures from the incredibly large amount of cigarettes he apparently goes through each day. he told me I couldn't move to Texas...that I should leave my hubby and kids for ....gulp...him. Hold on, I am dry heaving!!!! OK! I am much better now. What is wrong with these guys?OK!!! I will admit that I am not the ideal of beauty. I have a great personality I am charming funny and VERY humble. No really, I tend to get along with a lot of people as I have a natural understanding on how to deal with them. I can get away with saying just about anything to a customer and they do not get offended. So, needless to say I am just so adorable!!! I will never be a candidate for Mrs. America...especially is they still have the swimsuit competition. I feel that I very much resemble the character in Return of the Jedi at jabba's palace. You know the one...the dancer right before he drops the good looking one down to be eaten by the monster. I am the one with about three rolls of boobs!!! I told Hubby that if it wasn't for that modesty thing at church I would most certainly dress as that person for halloween...small children beware!!!


Now, before you start those monster posts telling me how beautiful I am please don't bother. I truly know that I am beautiful. Beauty comes in different packages and though I am not the world's idea of beauty I am my Father in Heavens and that is soooo much more important to
me!!! I love knowing who I am and I am confident int he person that I am and how I view myself...realistically. I have a fabulous sense of humor...I have been blessed with that...of course it is often misguided, but who is perfect so I am happy being "Just me" therefore you have learned the secret of my blog's name. I am very happy being Just Me and knowing who I am. I accept my faults as I learn a great deal about myself when I overcome a fault and turn it into a strength. life would be plain boring if I didn't have anything I had to conquer. I am simply me. i do not look like a Supermodel, but hubby tells me I am the most beautiful woman in the world in his eyes. That's all I need.


Jan said...

That was funny Tammy. The poor woman with the dog food. Poor thing. Then your x in his wranglers. That was awkward. And the guy who is in love with and doesn't want you to leave his side. Woah is him. That was a funny read. I guess this Prop thing needed a little ha ha...

Jen said...

Oh man!!! I needed this laugh!!! I ♥ the first two stories!!!! Thanks for changing the Tide!

Redhoodoos said...

Too funny!! Love it. I have the queen of embarrassing stories so I felt such a kinship with you!!