Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spiritual Tag

This looked like fun so...why not!?

1. What is your fav. Temple and why? San Diego Temple- My extended family all came from Southern California. They were so upset about us being members of the church they refused to talk to my other for some time. When the San Diego temple held their open house we took 30 members of our extended family through...We've never had a problem since that day. Also, when I was pregnant with Corinna I was about 6 months along when I was down south visiting my grandmother in the hospital. Afterwards hubby and I attended the temple. From the moment I stepped foot in the temple Corinna was moving A LOT!!! It gave a case of the giggles to a fellow patron. She whispered: "It looks like this one loves the temple."

2. My favorite calling that I've had in the church? It's a tie!!! I love my laurels!! They are the most completely different group of girls personality-wise, but they are all daughters of God and hang on to each other in that respect. The other calling is a camp cook. We have a massive amount of girls and leaders that go for a week every year...250 give or take a few. What fabulous week of spiritual uplift!!!

3. What has been your hardest calling in the church? Sunbeams or Nursery. most women are comfortable with babies and toddlers...I am not. I do better with teens. It's like hearing nails of chalkboards for two hours every week for me.

4.Favorite scripture story? Jesus' death. I know..that sounds's because he asked for forgiveness for others with his final breaths. Makes me think about it often.

5. Where would you like to serve a mission? One of two places. Italy, I am so excited there will be a temple there. I am hoping we can make it to the open house. Scotland, my best friend lives there.

6. When did you know the Gospel was true? I knew when I was 20 years old. I searched through many different churches before coming to this one...2 years after the rest of my immediate family, always late, but worth the wait... During discussions, the missionaries asked me to pray about it. When I did...I experienced an incredible dream. If you are interested I will share it at another time.

7.Who has been a spiritual giant in your life? My kids. My oldest came home from a fireside tonight and told me that she wants to go on a mission. She is growing like crazy and her testimony grows by leaps and bounds. My boy takes his ordination as Deacon's Quorum president very seriously. He doesn't whine about having to collect fast offerings. He never cries about his meetings. He simply does what he needs to do. My youngest is amazing in completing her parts in Primary programs and her interest in the scriptures. She is amazing.


Jan said...

I love that your kids are your spiritual giants. How awesome. I love getting to know you better on this side of you. There is something special about Young Womens. It really stays with you.

liz said...

great post!