Monday, November 3, 2008

Putting on the Armor of God

I received this picture from a member of our ward. I am hidden in the back, behind our new friends from the 1st Covenant Church who joined in. Great people supporting a great cause showing their beleifs and standing side by side...I love America!!!! Please don't forget to vote!!!
I know to some that are reading this you may not believe it could ever happen where you live. We voted down gay marriage 6 years ago and the State Supreme Court ended up ruling in favor allowing against our wishes. Now, we fight to include 14 words in the state constitution once and for all stating marriage is between a man and a woman. The fight will continue in other states at other times. It will hit where you live eventually and you need to take a side. There is no fence sitting on this issue. I never thought I would ever be standing on the street corner receiving abuse and mocking from people driving by. We had the opposition join us and scream at us on the corner from behind our backs. My dear friends. I pray that you never need to stand and go through the things we did last night. I pray it never comes to this where you live, but I also pray for your strength and courage if it does. When all is said and done and the votes are cast we will find out what the majority truly is, but I will never have to say...I didn't do enough.
Again I ask for you please to remember to vote tomorrow how your heart directs you.


Jan said...

That pictures says a thousand words. Have mercy on our country and God bless America. Thanks Tammy.

Jen said...

YOu know, I was a little put off by the harrassment BUT I was happy that I had a nice, warm home to come home to. Thank GOD for our freedom! Many of our brothers and sisters of the past had to deal with a whole lot more than I did. I am grateful it did not get too out of hand. Time will tell!