Thursday, November 6, 2008

I thought it was over...

I truly thought with the election over and Prop 8 voted and accepted by the Californians that everything would be over...It's not. I am sorry but I must ramble on once more. Please forgive my rant, but I can't hold it in any longer.

Radicals from the No on 8 side are calling for our temples to be burned down and churches as well. They have a desire to murder all of us who were supporters and make us suffer. there is one thing they don't know...we've got the Lord on our side. I pray the churches of all the supporters...not just Latter-Day-Saints...will be protected and encircled by angels. I pray that all who voted yes will be protected the same. Even after the threats we have now heard from the not everyone feels that way who voted no...I don't regret my stand, I am not ashamed of what I stood for during this fight nor will I ever renounce it.

Here is a message to the people who are so irked at our actions:
It strikes me as odd that throughout the campaign we were told we needed tolerance for all people who walk upon this earth. Screamed in my ears were the words that I have been teaching my children how to hate and that I was turning this country into a socialist nation. Now, I see who needs the tolerance training, who needs some teaching in how not to hate and they have just proven what a democracy this is. You can stamp your foot like a two year old wanting a cookie before bed time, but you will not get your way. You see, this IS a democratic nation. I have the RIGHT to my beliefs...even if they do not agree with yours. I have the RIGHT to decide how I raise my children. I, with my husband, brought them into this world with the blessing of my Father in Heaven. You accuse me of teaching my children to hate. I find that a cop out on your part. I have taught my children nothing but LOVE. You see, when teaching a child to love you have to show them. Emerson once said: "Your actions speak so loudly, I cannot hear what you say." Or rather simply, actions speak louder than words. I have held my children through the night when fevers ravaged their bodies. I bathed them endlessly when they were covered in chicken pox. I held them while they got their broken arm casted. I gave them my dinner to make sure their stomachs were full when we had little or no money. I cheered them on as they played a sport for the first time. I ran next to them when they learned to ride their bikes. I watched over them while they laid helplessly in a hospital bed. So if that is teaching my children to hate, then I will continue. Yes, the majority won. Your vote was counted and just as important as any others. What you said counted in this vote. I know you feel passionate about this issue. The problem do I. If I had lost then I would find legal ways to try and fight for what I believed in...never would I resort to violence. I would never consider causing harm to you simply because you belonged to a specific organization or church...that would be a hate crime and label you as religiously intolerant. Funny that everything you called me on that street corner on Sunday...seems to apply to what you are showing your character to be.


Jan said...

My heart is so saddened. I ache. I know you are all going through so much. By their fruits ye shall know them. They are rising up in hate and that is the fruit of evil. You were rising up in protection of rights. Big difference.

Jen said...

Yep, I got my first mean comment on my blog the other day. Of course, they were "anonymous". Of course, I did not publish. If this thing gets overturned AGAIN, a lot of faith will be lost in our democracy. I knew, standing on the corner those days, that this would be a fight that our children see throughout their life. I can't wait for the second coming!

Natalie said...

It just makes no sense. No sense at all. Do we not have a right to vote?

They are mad and they can yell and I worry that if they yell loud enough, their voices will be heard louder than 52 percent of the vote. Which makes me feel like I don't have constitutional rights.