Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hubby gave me a fabulous gift!!!!

Now, some of you may say this is a horrible attitude, but you really need to remember these few things:
1. We sleep next to each other
2. We work together
3. We are together 24 hours a day!!!

We are truly never without the other unless it is at church. It truly does get old after awhile. I am a solitary person at times. I like to have my alone time. I like to have nobody looking over my shoulder at times, but I love to have his company as well. I know it sounds horrible!!!!

So, when he asked me today if he could go out and do some pheasant hunting tomorrow morning while he gives me the time to do the Christmas shopping for the kids a smile slipped across my face. I can finish Don and the kids all at once. I told Don I would hold off on one of my son's presents that he needed to be there for, but I could handle everyone else. I am so totally excited about this all. I get to go and take care of Don's first and then I will tackle the kids' I know what I am getting everyone so it will be a lot of fun. I need to get my list together so I will be ready. Sooooo!!! Cool!!!!! I may even buy my Christmas present from Don to me...I desperately need a thesaurus for em writing. I am tired of clicking back and forth on the computer. It just bugs me. So, perhaps I will pick that up as well. Don can wrap it at least!!! What a great gift he has given me!!!!


Jan said...

He is awesome. Have a grand time.

Coco Tori said...
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Hatch Family said...

have fun and enjoy some alone time!