Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Counting the minutes!!!

Today is going to be a long day at work regardless of what I'd like to believe. I spent the early morning hours catching up and reading others' blogs and hearing the struggles they have. From cooking the turkey to letting your baby cry themselves back to sleep I have read what you have written about your struggles. What sort of wisdom can i possibly have that sums it all up?! I've thought long and hard about it and here it is:

Drum Roll Please!!!!

Nyah! Nyah!!!! I'm already done with that!!!!

Just kidding! My hearts are with you. I had to let my youngest cry it out at night just to get some sleep for myself. Being perfectly honest, I loved getting up in the middle of the night to change a diaper and have the nightly feedings. Aside from the fact I looked like a troll in the morning, there was something special about that magical time in the middle of the night. I know what you are thinking...at the time....it was Soooo not magical, but looking back...it simply is.

To know that they tiny little person that I held in my arms was crying...for me. She was crying to have me pick her up and soothe her fears and nerves. She was crying because she needed me to serve her and take care of her most basic needs and comforts. She was crying because she wanted to be safely in my arms and secure. She was crying for my love. So, at night when I held that tiny little sweaty body...all snuggled in her footie pajamas...and I brushed back her tony little carmel colored curls from her forehead I fell in love and realized something incredible. The lack of sleep....was sooo worth it!!!


Jan said...

Sweet thoughts Tammy. I guess it was all worth the endless countless nights of no sleep. They did need our love. Nyah Nyah. Thats a new word.

Poetry of Life said...

I miss thoughs times too, and mine weren't so long ago!