Friday, November 28, 2008

Such a busy day!!!!

It's always fun to gather together to jump on the couch and watch a movie.

Or...hang out with the girls. May I introduce you to the triplets. Both Sister-in-laws from my older and younger brother and I ended up each having a baby one year. We all had girls and they are so different from each other, but when they are together they are inseperable. They were nicknamed the triplets. The last time we tried to capture a picture of the three was in Disneyland and came out as nearly impossible. To get this picture, which is not necessarily the best it took no less than 8 shots and then I gave up.

It was a time to snuggle with her favorite uncle. The Hubs was so cute with Cali.

It was a time to make the uncles nervous that a 13 year old was nearly as tall as them.

And afterwards we needed to get some exercise before drifting off into a turkey coma so we did what every other family does....wrangled some chickens.

Her is a picture of my favorite chicken whisperer!

We stayed away from the ducks. They didn't like to be held and also had a nasty biting habit.

In the end we had nothing to do but smile and be thankful...our tummies were full, our family was together, and our chicken friends loved being held...well most of them. We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Cali Girl said...

I loved catching the chickens! I caught the big fluffy gray chicken!

Jan said...

Great pictures Tammy. I love all the happy days. I hope the shop did great today too. Take care.