Thursday, November 20, 2008

Girl's Night Out!!!

Ok!! So how insane is it that we are having a girl's night out to see Twilight? Not too insane really....although if you ask hubby his eyes will roll. i ame xcited to see it finally. i will be the first in the family to see it. My sister-in-laws have been calling and are supremely jealous!!! That's Ok! They will see it soon. I am looking forward to tonight with the girls and then saturday soem time with my girls. I thought they were cute when they were little. I am soooo much happier now that they are entering the teen years. Even though I am still Mom it is great to go see chick flicks with my girls. I love it! Besides, it won't last forever. Someday they won't want to see movies with thir "old decrepit mother." Some days it feels like tomorrow, but we won't go there.

Well, today was a great day at work. We were not too busy, but we had some good thigns happen. For example, our agent calling to have the place be seen today by a prospective buyer. Did you read that correctly? Someone is interested!!!! Enough to have their agent look at the place. It will more than likely turn into a liquor store which is a sad thing to see your businnes turn a complete 180 degrees from what you beleive, but it is not my call is it? We shall see what happens here I need to do some serious number crunching to find the correct number that is our low point so we stay away froma ccepting anything below that. So...we shall see what happens. it will all work out. It always does. i ahve a new motto for all the craziness in my life: "Fear not, just believe." Plain and simple...just like me!!!

There is so much to beleive in right now. I believe in the goodness of my children. My oldest found out that the class would be studying to "mormon trek to utah" in the coming months and was concerned on what was being taught. She wanted to know if I would give her permission to approach the teacher to tell her what she beleives in and thinks about what is being taught. She wanted to make sure, since her 5th great-grandfather was born in Nauvoo under a wagon and their family crossed the plains among the first group. She really wanted her teacher to understand what was being taught was more than just history....It was her family history. I teared up and quickly blinked them back giving her my whole hearted consent for her to proceed. I'm having a good "Mom" day.

I've also been relieved of the role as veggie tray provider for thanksgiving and now I am providing the raspberry, apple and lemon meringue well as the deviled eggs!!!! yay me!!! It's like getting to sit at the grown up table!!!

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