Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm in my own little world....

but it's all right...they know me there!!!!

Yesterday was a decent day. I made it through fairly well with all of the craziness around here. With three hours of sleep I happily found out that glasses can really camoflouge the bags under your eyes. FABULOUS!!!! Can I just tell you...I love my glasses. DOn't get me wron, it is a pain in the bheind to see better this way and to move my head so that I am looking through the lenses when i am trying to read something, but all in all I love being able to see better. I have no desire for contacts. Actually applying something to my eyeball and then taking them off on a daily basis simply does not sound thrilling at all. Besides, I think I look better in glasses. I know, I know...vanity gets you nowhere.

On a side note I have had to halt on the writing a bit as I have to do a little construction in the background of the story. Sad but fun at the same time. It seems funny to me that I am compelled to create this entire thing that lies in the back of my head, but I am excited and my hubby loves to see me working so hard on it. he knows I enjoy it. Most nights we are the old fuddy duddy couple sitting in bed. he is watching college football and I have my Ipod plopped in my ears while my fingers dance across the keyboard. he laughs at me because I have a specific lsit of music when I write. Certain moods and feelings are easier to write when you have a certain song playing in the background. For example, "A Te" by Jovanotti. I read the translation of his lyrics...beautiful, however from the recording it is the passion I can hear in his voice as he sings that really gets my heart pounding. Sounds strange? Not really. it's like an artist listening to music as they create their lastest piece. My artwork simply lies in the circuits of my laptop. It took awhile for me to learn that.

I am thinking now of revisiting one of my family's favorite "old pieces" of mine that has turned into a Christmas classic with some of my side of the family. I want to rework "The North Portal." It was inspired by my own Molly when she was just 5. With a vivid imagination and a little help from a Santa suit hanging in my father's closet...doesn't every Daddy own Santa suit? She told her cousins (all 5 years of age) that Grandpa was the "real" Santa and that in the back of his clsoet was the portal to the North Pole, hence the title: The North Portal. I know my father lvoes the story and he desperately wants me to get it published. I want to make him smile as he loves Christmas beyond any holiday on this planet. So, I am guessing I will start work on it again. I have grown as a writer since the last time I wrote it so maybe I can re-weave the story together a little better and get some interest in it.

Well, I am off to work!!! Have a great day all!!!

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